For last few years I had been thinking to write about Jainism. The
matter took concrete shape when I started writing as editor of Jain
Darshan, a monthly publication issued on behalf of Jain Society of
Metropolitan Chicago. When the publication completed the first year,
some of the well wishers suggested that if issues of Jain Darshan can
be made available in bound volume, that could be helpful to those who
would like to get a glimpse of the Jain ideology. When I went
through all the issues, I however no ticed that it would serve a
better purpose, if the material is recast in a book form. I
therefore reedited all those articles, made additions wherever
necessary and prepared the material for this small publication.

Even while writing for Jain Darshan, I had been particular to present
the theory from the point of view of pure Jainism steering clear of
different sectarian approaches. That approach has been kept intact
in this booklet. I have noticed that many readers of Jain Darshan
appreciate this approach. This book would be of use to the people
who wish to get unbiased view of Jainism.

It is possible that some errors might have crept in or some
particular aspect might be needing better treatment. If readers can
point out any scope for correction or improvement, all possible
efforts will be made to incorporate them in the subsequent edition.

Before concluding I would like to thank sub-editors of Jain Darshan
for encouraging me to write this book. Dilip Shah in particular has
taken lot of pain in presenting the material in right shape. Without
his help this book could not have taken its presen t shape and would
not have been ready by this time.

Indira M. Doshi Trust was set up in 1987 as a nonprofit organisation.
Its principal objective is to popularize Jainism. Its trustees have
rightly decided to issue this book on the occasion of the 10th
anniversary of Indiraben Doshi.