This website will be very useful for every Jain, especially Jain students, young Jains, activists and scholars.


At present, I have uploaded about 50 pages and going to upload 500 to 1000 more pages on the site.


I have spent and spending lot of my time and money for this noble cause. Now I need your support.


I request you to sponsor some of the pages of the website. The present cost of research, development, uploading, hosting, maintenance etc. is Rs. 200 per page.


I hope you will consider my request.


P.S.  1.Your name will appear at the bottom of each page sponsored by you.


          2.Please draw a check in favour of ‘Jain Friends’, payable at Sangli.


         3. Send  by post (and not by courier service) to:


Jain Friends

'Shantinath', 964 Samdoli

Sangli 416 427

MH India


-Mahavir Sanglikar