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There are many discussion groups on the net where you can discuss about various issues related to Jains and Jainism. You can join such groups for Free. 

Here are some famous Jain and other Discussion Groups. Click on the name of the the group and you will go to the group home page. Join them today and express your views!

Jain Friends: This is the most popular Jain discussion group on the net. It is official group of the Jain Friends website. It has more than 2000 members. This group is especially created for discussions on social issues. It was founded in 2001 and until now more than 5600 messages are exchanged here.

Jain History: This is a platform to discuss about History of Jainism and Jains. This group has members from all over the world who have good knowledge of Jain history. You can discuss here about history of Jainism, Jains, Jain Kingdoms, Jain literature, Jain Art & Architecture, Prakrit Languages etc.

Kundkund: This group is for those who are interested in discussing on the 'Pure Jain Philosophy', the Jain concept of God, Universe, Soul, Time, Matter etc. and the Great Jain Acharya Kunkund and his literature.

Jainlist: Orientation of topics is towards learning Jainism. Discuss philosophy, beliefs, history, rituals, lifestyle. Casual coffee-table talk, news, announcements etc. are avoided. Whether a novice or a scholar, JainList caters to everyone's needs.

Jain Net: This is an announcement list rather than a discussion group. So you will not be getting a flood of emails on a daily basis. If your community or temple is having a major Pratistha Mahotsav or convention or you have something which is in the best interests of Jainism worthy of appealing to the masses, please post your message on this group for a worldwide coverage

Jain Study Group: The Jain Study Group of Southern California provides an interactive and educational experience for young adults striving for self-improvement. It is a discussion group that discusses the philosophical concepts of Jainism in English and motivate one another to incorporate them into our lives. .

Jainismo: Jain Discussion Group in Spanish language

Indian Civilization: This is group intended to exchange ideas about the civilization of India

Indology: Designed as a forum for discussions between working scholars and others with a serious interest in the field of classical Indian studies.

Indian History: It is a forum for discussions on history