the pilgrimage centre.

Mahamastakabhiseka concludes at Shrvanabelagola    

Shrvanabelagola, Feb 19: As the curtains came down on the new millennium's first Mahamastakabhisheka today, the temple township witnessed the biggest ever turnout of devotees and tourists from different parts of the country and the world to witness the celebrations.

Roads were jampacked and the mutt authorities, in a bid to satisfy the waiting thousands, allowed even those without passes to have a glimpse of the celebrations.

Long queues in front of the Vindhyagiri Hills continued till late in the evening and into the night even after the Mahamastakabhisheka celebrations, which commenced on January 22, ended at around three PM.

Munishree Tarun Sagar assumed the Centre-stage of the celebrations today. Going up the scaffolding immediately after the 'Pushpa Abhisheka', the fiery advocate of peace and non-violence addressed the devotees from right above Bhagwan Bahubali's head as devotees on the platform greeted him with a loud roar.

Addressing the devotees, Sagar pointed out that "peace and the Jain ideals can reign only of it reigns in the house" and urged all to take a vow that "every mother-in-law would be loving and kind to daughters-in-law and vice versa, and that every son or daughter will take care of the aged, ailing and the old".

The monk said, "peace in the house is essential for peace to reign in the world".

Sagar said Bahubali and his ideals were not limited just to Jains and added that the giant monolith and the messages of peace and non-violence he symbolises, belonged to one and all, across faiths and religions.

Bureau Report