Jainism in Buddhist Literature
                                                                By Dr. Hiralal Jain

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At the end it is my pleasant duty to acknowledge the help that I have received from various quarters. It is with gratitude that I record my sincere appreciation of all the assistance I received from the Government of India which selected me for this scholarship, and the Government of Ceylon and the authorities of the Vidyodaya University of Ceylon who very kindly awarded the scholarship to me and made all arrangements for not only studies but also a very happy sojourn in this beautiful Island. 

I am very grateful to my teacher and guide Ven. Balangoda Ananda Maitreya, D. Litt., Professor of Theravada Buddism and Dean of the Faculty of Buddhism, Vidyodaya University of Ceylon, who supervised my studies and ven. later Dr. Palannoruwe Wimaladhamma Nayaka Thero, D. Litt., then Vice Chancellor, the Vidyodaya University of Ceylon who too, gave me much encouragement and very valuable suggestions. 

I am highly grateful to Dr. Hira Lal Jain, Formerly Director, Institute of Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Prakrit, Jainology and Ahimsa, Vaishali, Bihar, and Professor and Head of Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit department, University of Jabalpur, India who encouraged me from time to time and blessed this work with his valuable Foreword.  

I am gratefully recollect the valuable help received from Dr. Ananda W. P. Guruge, formerly Professor of Sanskrit, VIdyodaya University of Ceylon and the Senior Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Government of Ceylon and at present UNESCO Expert and Professor of Educational Planning, who inspite of his busy official schedule extended all the possible help in completing my work. He went critically through the thesis before it was submitted to the University. In fact, it was to a great extent due to him that my stay in Ceylon became comfortable and purposeful. 

I am also indebted to Dr. A. N. Upadhye, Professor and Head of the Department of Jainology and Prakrit, Mysore University, who helped me in every possible way in the completion of the work. He responded to my letters and queries without delay from Kolhapur while I was in Ceylon.

I am also grateful to my brother Dr. Ajaya Mitra Shastri, Reader in Ancient Indian History, culture and Archaeology, Nagpur University, who willingly went through the entire manuscript critically and made a number of valuable suggestions for better presentation. He has always been a sourcc of encouragement to my studies.

I shall fail in my duty if I do not express my gratitude to my teacher Dr. N. H. Samtani Department of Sanskrit and Pali, Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi who suggested me to apply for the Commonwealth Scholarship for which I was fortunately selected. I am further indebted to him for the willing help he extended to me in various ways.

I would also like to express my gratitude to late Dr. Vashudeva Sharana Agrawala, Professor and Head of the Department of Art and Architecture, College of Indology, B. H. U., Dr. V. V. Gokhale, formerly Professor and Head of the Department of Buddhist Studies, Delhi University, Late Dr. Kamata Prasad, Jain Hon. Director, the World Jaina Mission, Aliganja (Etah), U. P., Ven. Bhadanta Ananda Kausalyayana, my teacher late Prof. B. Anomadassi, Lecturer in Pali, B. H. U., my elder brother Shri Dulichand Nahar Katara, Saugor, Dr. Darbari Lal Kothiya, Reader, Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya. B. H. U., Pt. Parmananda Shastri, Dr. U. C. Jha, Ranchi Universtiy, Pt. Kalaish Chandra Shastri, and Dr. Gokul Chandra Jain who, whenever consulted, were ready to help me with very useful suggestions and advice.

My thanks are due also to Mrs. Sujata Guruge, and Mr. Punyavardhana Kuruppu for helping me in checking the references and reading the typescript in Ceylon.

I must here express my gratefulness to Mr. K. P. g. Wijayasurendra, then Deputy Registrar (Examination), Vidyodaya University of Ceylon.

Mr. H. Gunasekera, then Registrar of the Vidyodaya University of Ceylon, Mr. E. H. Disanayake, then Deputy Registrar (Administration) and Mr. P. Abeseker, then Assistant Registrar (Administration) who helped me in many ways.

I will be failing in my duty if I fail to express my gratitude to the, Librarians of the Vidyodaya University of Ceylon, Vidyalankara University of Ceylon, Archaeological Department and the Public Library, Colombo, Ganesha jain Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya Library, Sagar, Parsvanatha Vidyashrama Library, Varanasi, Syadvada Mahavidyalaya Library Varanasi, and Librarians of Benares Hindu University and Nagpur University who went out of their way to assist me in getting the books and journals I needed for my work.

Last but not the least, my grateful thanks go to my uncle, Shah Deep Chandra Jain Nahar and my brother, Duli Chandra Jain Nahar, Katara, Sagar, M. P. for the encouragement they gave me in my studies and the security they provided for my mother and wife during my sojourn in Ceylon. Without their kindness and generosity I could never have had the education which enabled me to undertake this work. To my mother Smt. Tulsadevi Jain and my wife, Smt. Pushpa lata Jain M. A. I am extermely grateful for the many sacrifices they have made to help me achieve my ambition of bringing about a better understanding of the mutual dependence of Jainism and Buddhism and of the timely role these two great religions of India can play in bringing about peace and well being to humanity. 

I am also grateful to Shri Prof. Sudhakar Pandeya, M. P. and the authorities of the Nagari Pracharini Sabha, Varanasi and Shri Sharad Kumar Sadhak for the help in the printing of the book. I am also thankful to my friend Shri Prof. B. V. Mohril who prepared the index of the work. 

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